Japanese Kenjo Imari Tokkuri E18thC

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Japanese Kenjo Imari Tokkuri E18thC

A Large Kenjo Imari Tokkuri

Of square tapering form

The sides are moulded in light relief with diaper and cloud shaped panels decorated with figures in landscapes

Base unglazed

Japanese E18thC

Height: 10 3/8″ (26.3 cm)

Condition: ‘lacquer’ repair to rim

Glaze is crazed

Kenjo Imari was used at the courts of the aristocracy, typically having fine and detailed painting using bright enamels.

A similar tokkuri was exhibited in ‘The Japanese Aesthetic”  No. 47. Ceramics and Glass Circle of Australia, 2006

See Victoria and Albert Museum  C.1516&A-1910 Salting bequest for a similar  tokkuri with moulded diaper ground