A Rare Famille Rose Tea Caddy Qianlong C1760

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A Rare Famille Rose Tea Caddy Qianlong C1760

A Rare Famille Rose Tea caddy

Decorated with a trading ship approaching the Dutch Folly Fort

Together with a matched cover

Qianlong C1760

Height; 4 1/4″ (10.4 cm)

Condition; Hairline 1.0 cm in rim, some crazing

Cover chipped

See Rijksmuseum AK-NM-13568-A for a saucer from the same service

In the Ming Dynasty the Chinese had constructed two forts in the Pearl River as defences

For the city of Guangzhou (Canton)

Due to developments in weaponry they were redundant by the 18thc

The Dutch and French were then allowed to make use of them as warehouses

Being known as the French and Dutch Folly Forts

The Dutch Fort was directly opposite the city and just half a mile from the hongs.

Where they were  given permission to build a hospital.

However, they were later discovered to be bringing guns